HR Services / Consulting

We help organization to optimize utilization of Human Resources through re-engineering of work methodology, restructuring and process flow. Avoiding duplication of work and minimize unhealthy business practices.

Talent Search & Placement

We help you in finding individuals for your core competencies. We have recruitment specialists who excel at identifying, screening, referencing and interviewing.

Our reputed presence in the marketplace gives us a strong networking base from which to draw candidates with superior credentials. Through targeted recruiting process we draw high caliber candidates for managerial, professional and technical positions.

Managed Staffing

Without having to hire a full time permanent employee for a short-term assignment, our clients engage MOODY on a project-to-project basis. Short-term assignments work well for minimizing project overload, reducing staff overtime, and meeting deadlines, or you may add long-term or project oriented personnel to augment your core staff and infuse new talents into your operations.

Strategic Planning

  • Our people make the difference
  • Customer oriented approach
  • Adherent to ethical practices.
  • Cognizant of statuary rules and regulations.
  • Continuously reinforcing our capabilities and institutionalizing our systems and processes
  • Constantly upgrade our HR capabilities and infrastructure, ensuring that HR policies and plans are aligned with our business objectives.
  • Global leading HR Consultant Support / expertise to enhance and adopt best practices.