Moody International Assurance Ltd provide comprehensive support for obtaining and implementing a suitable RCS (Recycle Claim Standards) which is an internationally accepted standards for preventing chemical and physical contamination, along the supply chain. RCS standard is designed to provide increased control and monitoring during critical stages of the processing chain. Who can applicable for RCS?

RCS applies to most chemical substances, either on their own or in preparations or mixtures. It is not limited to industrial chemicals and includes chemicals used in day-to-day life. Preparations or mixtures include: -> coatings, eg paints, varnishes or enamels -> pigments, dyes or inks -> cleaning products -> photographic processing chemicals -> chemicals used to produce man-made fibres.

Benefits of RCS certification -> Prove they are safeguarding human health and the environment -> Access the EU market -> Avoid regulatory fines and litigation -> Save money and time testing in-house -> Increased awareness of risks to employees. -> Increased customers and consumer confidence -> Consistency in inspection process. -> Commitment to legal Compliance with law -> Reduction in complaints about safety -> Reduced risk of negative publicity

Certification process -> Complete a profiling form to customize a quote for your organization detailing the cost, planning and time required. -> Conduct a pre-audit to determine if your organization already fulfills the requirements for RCS and identify areas for improvement. -> Stage 1 site visit by our auditors to verify the profile submitted during your application and determine your readiness for Stage 2. -> Stage 2 on-site audit by MOODY auditors. -> Propose and implement corrective actions, if any. -> Receive your audit report and certificate from committee.

Why choose MOODY? MOODY is a global leader in management systems solutions, having issued various management systems certifications to date. Our dedicated and experienced auditors across the globe can speak your language and help you explore the possibility of integrating your RCS certification initiative with other management systems. We can also act as a one-stop provider for all your quality certification needs by offering bundled product testing and certification services. With the MOODY certification mark, you demonstrate your commitment to delivering quality products and services.