SOFT SKILLS TRAINING Soft skills are attributes and traits that are not job-specific. These are broad, non-technical skills that can be applied to many different roles. A few examples of soft skills include effective communication, adaptability, teamwork, active listening, and time management. Soft skills are near-universal in their applicability. An employee with any of these soft skills on top of their hard skills is more effective than an employee with hard skills alone.

This guide contains our lists of the most important soft skills by industry. Most soft skills can be used everywhere, so these lists are far from mutually exclusive.

Moody is providing the following listed training as per customer needs;

• Communication • Resilience • Responsibility • Persuasion • Confidence • Collaboration • Openness to feedback • Time management • Lifelong learning • Diligence • Ideation • Analysis • Discipline • Empathy • Patience • Organization • Relationship management • Ability to influence • Compassion • Conflict resolution • Inclusiveness • Trustworthiness • Adaptability • Flexibility • Persistence • Pragmatism • Teamwork • Leadership • Self-starter ETC